Songs from the backroom

by Pale Horse

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    These are going to be songwriting demo's , live demo's, etc. We want you to know where we are coming from, and we generally post these songs the day we write them.

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Songwriting Demo's as we write them.


released March 13, 2011




Pale Horse Dallas, Texas

We had fun, we made music, we had bad times, we wrote sad lyrics, it's what we do. Thanks for listening.

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Track Name: Pain (It's quiet so turn it up!)
Pain, never goes away. Always stays the same. Locked inside of me

Living with it now, so hard to figure out, brings a mountain of doubt. That was never me, do you see what you've done.

When the grass isn't greener it makes you sick
a life time of looking back kills you quick
and if all this regret hasn't hit you yet, it just takes time
Then who's bed, which life, what lie
you could never decide

Dreams, we were working towards. I guess they were never yours. Smoke and mirrors bleed me deep into this sea, with waves of misery. Crashing in my gut, this consequential rut. I'll get through, but then there's you


Then who's bed, which life, what lie
You wear a mask to survive

(1st verse repeat)


Who's bed, which life, what lie
A habit you could never hide

Why do you bring me this pain, why did you bring me this pain.
Track Name: Believable Evil
In the morning, Believable Evil's gotta go
In her eyes, I found someone , I don't know
My sadness waivers with this favor , I am free
Believable Evil you don't have me

Your so believable, believable , believable evil (2x)
I hate to see you go, cause I think that we both know
There was good and bad, love then mad, it was half as sad as your remember and then you just let it go
I think that you must know
If regret is a knife , then for the rest of your life
I hope it's on your mind

In the morning, when you wake up in his bed.
Do your children's tears turned to fears not tell you something's wrong with that.
We said we'd never break this trust for lust or selfish greed.
Where do we go from here, how do I replace this fear, that your not gonna kill me everytime you want to disappear, no I can't let you near

Your Believable, Believable, Believable Evil (2x)
Fooled by...

Now your bags are packed, and I can't believe,
we were crushed, by this desperate plea
I hate to see you go, cause I think that we both know

There was good and bad, love then mad, it was half as sad, as you remember and then you just let it go.
I think that you must know, and if regret is a knife
For the rest of your life, I hope it's on your mind

Believable Evil